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Now that you’re ready to discover an artistic experience like no other, let’s start by deciding exactly how crafty you and your party would  like to get! ...And don’t forget, we tailor our experiences to you! So, whether you want to join us in-studio or online, each and every Ther-ART-py Private Party experience is handcrafted just for you!


Select Your Craft Experience(s)


Ideal for first-timers, this one-hour experience includes guided instructions, and a dope time! All your materials and guided instructions are included.

This experience includes all your materials and guided instructions for two crafting sessions, which typically lasts 2 hours. You can believe us when we say, time is going to fly by when you’re having such fun!

Ready to really get those creative crafting juices flowing? Then this 2.5 hour three-craft package is for you! All your materials and guided instructions are included, as is a seriously creative crafting experience that you and your party will absolutely love!

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Looking to paint with your party instead? Check out your Private Paint Party options!

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