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Hi! I’m Angelica (but please, call me Ang). I hope you indulge me for a couple moments while I share how Ther-ART-py Studios was born.


Ther-ART-py is the very definition of a passion project, as art is one of my passions. In fact, it was on one Summer day in 2020 in my she-shed while painting that I got this irresistible urge to share my passion - and the feeling of total freedom that came from artistic and creative expression that it gave me - with others. And so, Ther-ART-py was born. 


I have loved every day of it! They say when you do what you're passionate about it never feels like work, and I can attest that is 100% the truth! 


I believe everyone has an artistic side. For those who don’t believe they do, it simply manifests differently. And that is what I love so much about what we do here at Ther-ART-py Studios - we tap into that artistic flair, individual creativity and passions and turn it into uniquely creative, fun experiences! And when we say fun, we mean FUNNNNNN! 


Whether you’re a corporation looking for fun team-building activities, a family looking for a fun way for the kiddos to explore their creative side, want to experience Ther-ART-py exclusive for you and your Private Party, or want to check out one or our many Drop-in programs, we’ve got you covered with options for you to join us in-studio or online!


So, thank you for stopping by and taking a look around. We know you’re absolutely going to love it here!

Paint Splatter 3
Paint Splatter 3_edited_edited.png

Amazing experience every time! The one on one instruction is also priceless not to mention it’s a whole vibe. Music, laughter, prizes, games, karaoke. I love Ther-ART-py!

The intimacy created even with many people present is unmatched.

Paint Splatter 3

This is so much fun, I found artistic skills I didn't know I had and Mrs. Jackson is so thorough under her tutelage I felt like I could paint a Picasso.


Hi, I'm ANG!

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