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We package up our experiences in a variety of formats to cater our customers needs and preferences. That includes:

Our Mobile Paint Party (or Craft Experience) - Areas We Cover


Not located in the immediate locale of our Studio in the Country Club Hills area of Illinois? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! 


Yep, we’ll bring the awesomeness of an amazing paint party (or craft experience) to wherever you’re based! Our service areas have included but not limited to:


  • Most cities in the Illinois area ( Champaign, Chicago, Country Club Hills, Evergreen Park, Homewood, Lansing, Park Forest, Schiller Park, and more)

Mobile Paint Party FAQs


  • How much does a mobile paint party cost?

  • Is there a surcharge for the mobile party? If so, is it calculated based on where the party is located?

  • What type of space or materials do I need to supply to be able to book and host a mobile paint party with Ther-ART-py?


Have a question that we haven’t yet answered? Please feel free to reach out to us, anytime!

Virtual Experiences


Another of our uber-convenient formats is our virtual parties which can include:


  • An online paint party (paint and sip online)

  • Online craft experiences (e.g. candle making class)

  • … and more! 


The majority of our experiences are designed so you can join in on the fun no matter where you are in the continental U.S.!


Simply book a virtual experience with us and we’ll ship you your at home paint party kit (or crafting kit) in advance of the event start. That way you can just sit back, relax in the serenity of your own space, (don’t forget that bottle of wine!), and get ready to get your crafting (or painting) groove on!

Virtual Experiences FAQs


  • How does an online paint party (or craft experience) work?

  • How much does a virtual experience cost?

  • Which of the Ther-ART-py experiences are available virtually?

  • I’ve never painted or done a craft before? Can I still join?

  • Do I need to get the painting or crafting materials myself?

  • How far in advance do I need to book an online paint party (or online craft experience)?

  • Is there a minimum or maximum party size for a virtual experience?

  • What states have you serviced?


Have a question that we haven’t yet answered? Please feel free to reach out to us, anytime!



If you’re based in the Illinois area, or are planning to visit one if its wonderful cities, why not plan to visit us In-studio?


We’d love to see you! And there’s so much fun to be had - from Private Party experiences (e.g. how about a Bachelorette painting party), to Craft Parties (e.g. have you checked out our candle making class?) to Drop-in programs. 


Trust us, we have experiences to scratch every creative itch!

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