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Art & Spa Tour

The Ultimate Mind. Body.Soul. Experience


Spa Tour

Are you a Spa Owner or Manager interested in diversifying your client offering to increase your revenue without increasing any of your overhead costs?


Hi, I’m Angie and I’m the owner of Ther-ART-py Studios and we use art to soothe clients and enhance the wellness experience.

We are expanding our creative business by partnering with local Spa owners in and around the Chicago area to offer clients a joint Art & Spa experience that will not only take wellness to new heights for your clients but will also:

  • Increase your revenue on an otherwise ‘slow traffic’ day

  • Enable you to differentiate your offerings from your competitors 

  • Provide you the opportunity to reengage and reconnect with lapsed customers

So, if you’re ready to work together with another driven small business entrepreneur to bring a bodacious spa and wellness experience to your Spa, simply enter your email to download the Spa & Art brochure and the Spa Partner Pack which contains all the details of how we can get started!

But there is MORE! Partnering with us will also:

  • Allow you to tap into a whole new client base

  • Offer your current clients an exciting, differentiated, and unique Spa experience

  • Offer you cross-promotional marketing opportunities, at no additional cost to your business!

  • Increase your visibility with social media influencer endorsements**

Ready to Get Started?

If you’re ready to work with us to select your Art & Spa Tour date, simply drop us a line at, and we’ll get right back to you!

**Subject to the Art & Spa Tour date selected

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Tour Dates

*Dates subject to negotiation and change

August 28, 2022
Sept 18, 2022
Oct 9, 2022

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